EVENT: An illustrated dialogue on the great Pakistani poet, writer, journalist and political activist, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, with a new look at his internationalism.
By Mohsin Zulfiqar and Fabbeh Husein, editors of the book Elusive Dawn, plus live music by Aziz Zeria + friends / VJ visuals by Kooj Chuhan / chaired by Maya Chowdhry.

Weds 27th June 2012,  5.30pm – 7.30pm
The Martin Harris Centre, Bridgeford Street, (behind Manchester Museum), University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester  M13 9PL, UK.

This event will include:
–  A general introduction to Faiz, his life, contexts, work and significance.
–  Examples of his work – readings with translations; music (both live performance and recorded), visuals, and selected film excerpts.
–  Analysis and discussion of Faiz’s internationalism, what his work tells us about alternative political movements in Pakistan, and how he is still relevant to current day events.

Discussion chaired by the writer and interactive artist Maya Chowdhry.
Additional musicians to accompany the singer Aziz Zeria will be Kamil Hassan = Guitar, Bob Dinn = Trumpet, Iftikhar Khan = Tabla, Chris Davies = Congas / Percussion.

About Faiz….
The renowned Pakistani poet, writer, journalist and political activist Faiz Ahmed Faiz is still strangely little known in the UK.
Faiz was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize, nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was imprisoned in Pakistan for his beliefs.
In Pakistan he is considered by many to be their greatest poet, and a new book “Elusive Dawn” edited by Zulfiqar and Husein brings a new focus on his work.
Of particular interest is the internationalism within Faiz’s life and work, influenced partly by his life experiences including his exile in Lebanon where he met Yasser Arafat, his travels in East Africa, his work in the USSR, and his time in the UK.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting us via
tel: 0161 275 2920 or email: rrarchive@manchester.ac.uk
Light refreshments will be available.

Organised by a partnership between Lifting The Lid, Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre and the South Asian People’s Forum

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