How have jazz musicians connected with movements for change?

6pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 18th July 2012
at Band On The Wall, 25 Swan Street, The Northern Quarter  Manchester, Greater Manchester M4 5JZ.  Tel: 0161 834 1786

Jazz critic and educationalist Chris Searle provokes a stimulating dialogue illustrated with a range of recorded music, about jazz and its struggles over the decades.  This event coincides with the publication of his new book, “Red Groove”. It also precedes the Zoe Rahman gig later that evening in the same venue.
Presented as part of the Manchester Jazz Festival 2012  www.manchesterjazz.com

Extracts from a review of Chris’ previous book:

“Respected British (mainly educational) author and poet as well as jazz correspondent of the Morning Star newspaper Chris Searle, a devout and eclectic jazz aficionado since adolescence, fills a huge gap in jazz literature with his Forward Groove – Jazz and the Real World from Louis Armstrong to Gilad Atzmon, published by Northway Publications in 2008.

… At one level, Chris Searle provides the reader with the social and political background to the music, which alas all too many of its listeners choose to conveniently remain ignorant of and on which count alone Forward Groove ought to be compulsive reading for anybody who professes to love the music. At another level, this tome is also a political analysis of (recorded) jazz, usually disturbingly accurate and no doubt often discomforting to many.

Written in a fluent and fluid, almost driving as well as driven style, Chris Searle’s Forward Groove – Jazz and the Real World from Louis Armstrong to Gilad Atzmon quickly becomes utterly absorbing and carries you along at a breathless pace. You may find it impossible to put this book down and may want to read it through in a day or two like myself, regardless of whether you come at it from a musical or political perspective, or both. Searle’s narrative is spellbinding, and his observations and analyses are astute and piercing.”

– quoted from a review in www.rainloresworldofmusic.net

Chris is currently director of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust.

4 Responses to JAZZ AND THE REAL WORLD with Chris Searle

  1. Barry Baldwin says:

    1. To say how very much I enjoy your Morning Star jazz columns. I too have been a jazz fan since teenaged years; was President of the University of Nottingham Rhythm Society in the 1950s
    2. Are you by any chance the Chris Searle who was briefly in the English Department here at the University of Calgary? If so, we did meet in the faculty lounge, though no reason why you should remember me. You’d also have met my soon-to-be missus, who was on the English staff.
    3. Is your Poilu novel still in circulation anywhere? Never have managed to track it down.

    • koojchuhan says:

      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for the message, I just spoke to Chris and he was at Uni of Calgary and is indeed the person you think he is. I have forwarded your message to him via email – hopefully you’ll hear from him!

  2. Donna Howson says:

    I was an old pupil of Mr Searle’s back at Earl Marshall Campus in Sheffield.
    He was the best head you could have asked for.
    I have been in search for the book’s Mr Searle had published in his time at Earl Marshall as I was one of pupils who’s poem made it into one of his book’s, but it was lost over the year’s.
    I am unable to remember the name of the book but would like to find a way of tracing it.
    Thankyou for your time and I hope you can help me.

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