Lifting The Lid is a new organisation currently developing radical social and cultural projects, activities and ongoing processes. It was recently formed by cultural producer and artist Kooj Chuhan and project development and management consultant Frankie Mullen, who have many years of experience of community-based, public, participatory, collaborative, heritage and educational work behind them. Our aim is to develop patterns of work that continue to identify and push those boundaries which limit the potential of cultural practices, learning and knowledge to empower and activate change.

Lifting the Lid Mission

Lifting the Lid is founded on the principle that it is through knowledge, consciousness and understanding of the dynamic histories behind contemporary issues, and of activities and movements that have tackled them, that people can develop and equip themselves with the tools to create change, to participate in and lead action in their civic, political, social and cultural lives.

Lifting the Lid has been established to encourage and develop practice, perspectives and theory around heritage, culture, arts, social change and history emphasising alternative, hidden, and empowering access to and development of ideas and knowledge. The intention is to involve people, agencies and practitioners with relevant skills, experience and continuity of interest, with a general emphasis on those from Greater Manchester and the North-West region of the UK, and in particular to focus on the perspectives, expressions and voices from people of migrant and working class communities.

Lifting the Lid Objectives

To develop and practice project activity through which:-

  • people can understand where the issues they have to deal with come from
  • people can explore possible tools to act on those issues by looking at examples from other places, histories and heritage
  • people develop their own appropriate tools and begin to try them out
  • continuity and longevity in the relationships developed in the process is offered
  • the process and the new partnerships formed are not isolated from the local and the familiar, but are absorbed into the existing fabric of the lives of those involved so that there is potential for them to be sustained

Lifting the Lid’s approach is defined by the following characteristics:-

  • Developing decentralised and non-institutional agendas and bases
  • Using existing resources, agencies, social patterns, buildings, relationships and structures.
  • Placing the raising of consciousness through dialogues and discussions around history, heritage and radical perspectives as a central starting point for the process of change and transformation.
  • The work will be continuously experimental and require thought, evaluation, responsiveness and research.
  • Investment in workers and volunteers, including those who begin as participants, is as important as the investment in the participants themselves.
  • Developing forms of cultural expression, documentation and dissemination

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